For years I’ve played around with what to call myself…a Purpose Coach? A Business Coach? A mentor? A minister?  Hmmmm…

Recently, I surrendered trying to find the perfect title.  I’ll leave my title up to you…

Regardless what you call me, I help women like YOU uncover your purpose, discover your passion, and recover from whatever is holding you back.  I empower YOU to let go of your fears and transform your purpose and passion into financial prosperity.

Imagine life without purpose.

Or, maybe you don’t have to imagine. I don’t have to imagine.  I can simply remember because that used to be me.

I was in my 20s and life was supposed to be great!  I took the route expected of me—went to college and got a good nursing job.  On paper, I had what any girl in her 20s would want but I was in an endless cycle of toxic relationships, a dead-end job that I hated, and most of all, I was living a mundane and boring life.  I was surviving but not thriving.

One day, I woke up to go to work and I had an intense feeling of there has got to be a better way.  

I felt this in my core.

In that moment, I reflected on that 7-year old girl who friends and family affectionately referred to as Nikki.  Nikki had more fire, more passion, and more intuition than adult Nicole.  Seven year-old Nikki was an entrepreneur. She dreamed of operating a successful lemonade stand, and spent her free time writing business plans and dreaming of countless business ventures.  What happened to Nikki?  She was hiding behind that image of a realistic, responsible adult who holds on to the “security” of a 9-5 because the benefits are good.

I realized that everything about myself, from my profession to my wardrobe, was part of the mask I wore each day…a costume designed to fulfill other people’s expectations of me. A trip down memory lane recaptured my natural propensity to dream and reminded me of my passion for entrepreneurship.  After realizing that I was not where I needed to be in life–where I was meant to be–I left my dead-end job, a toxic and abusive relationship, and a totally aimless life.

I identified and claimed my purpose and you can too.

I took the last $200 in my bank account and a dream for a better life and turned it into a six figure salary in the first year I opened my business. That happened to be the same year I met my soulmate.  My monotonous, mundane life transformed into a life full of passion, purpose, and prosperity.   But, even with all of this, something was missing.

That missing piece was helping other women to do the same….helping you do the same.  

If I helped you connect to your purpose, passion, and prosperity, what would you call me?  

Call me what I am to YOU….but you can only decide what to call me, after you work with me…let’s meet!


Sandra Williams

“My experience with Nicole was amazing! It was life changing to say the least. Nicole is very intuitive. She asked the right questions at the right time. My VIP session was filled with laughter and tears  but she was able to help me uncover things about myself to understand who I am and what I’m here for. Nicole, was really that deep. She helped me to see things on a larger scale. She truly has a the sky’s the limit philosophy. I left my VIP session armed with my purpose and plan. In only one session she helped me get clear about my goals and the tools I needed to accomplish them. I would highly recommend her services VIP services to anyone with even the smallest idea!” Sandra Williams founder On the Lighter Side


About the Divine Purpose School

I founded the Divine Purpose School in 2014 to help you find your true calling in life. I reflected upon my many years in school and realized that I never took a course on finding my purpose, which would have saved me years of uncertainty, toxic relationships, and money!  I developed the Divine Purpose School to help women like you learn the most important topic you can ever study: YOURSELF.  

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