At the Divine Purpose School, we have offerings for different learning styles.  Do you love the flexibility of self-led courses which enable you to go at your own pace?  Or do you prefer a group setting for more accountability and community?  Or, is one-on-one learning your thing?


We have something for everyone!




Self-led courses


BRAND NEW COURSE! DIVINE PURPOSE: THE UNSHACKLED CURRICULUM: I created Divine Purpose: The Unshackled Curriculum to help you uncover your purpose. In this course, we will dive into purpose AND pull back the layers of whatever is holding you back. After working with so many women purpose seekers, I’ve learned that we must first realize that we are FREE before we can truly live our purpose. This ground-breaking course will do just that!

Here’s what you get in exchange for your courage to try a new way…the Divine Purpose way…

Weekly LIVE calls with me! The calls will peel back the layers that prevent you from seeing who you really are, using a lecture and Q&A format. Each week will we tackle a different topic.

  • WEEK 1 (July 5): CORE- This week will be about stripping away the things that keep our purpose veiled such as shame, guilt, regret, ungratefulness, and the inability or unwillingness to forgive.
  • WEEK 2 (July 12): IDENTITY- This week will focus on who you are beyond the titles. It will uncover the unique gifts that are innately planted within.
  • WEEK 3 (July 19): UNSHACKLED- This week will identify and CRUSH limiting beliefs by creating new realities.
  • WEEK 4 (July 26): RECONCILIATION- This week will focus on moving forward into YOUR destiny.

*I ENCOURAGE everyone to make the live calls. I want to answer your questions so that you can get the most out of this course but if you have to miss them, they will be recorded and added to the course.

A Small-Knit Community of Women to Walk this Journey with You!

Access to Divine Purpose 101, which is a 4-Module Course designed to help you move from a routine, monotonous, life to a life of purpose, motivation, and inspiration.

The course includes videos, and downloadable worksheets.





Divine Purpose 101: This on-line course was designed to help you move from a routine, monotonous, life to a life of purpose, motivation, and inspiration.  No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial path (from the “I think I have an idea” phase to the “I already have a business” phase) this course will help you dig deeper and get clearer on your purpose.  Are you ready for this transformation? It includes:

  • Four Modules:
    • Module 1: Your Past Programming- The key to understanding why you have not uncovered your purpose
    • Module 2: Your Passion- The key to turning obstacles into opportunities
    • Module 3: Your Purposeful Plan- The key to putting your plan into action
    • Module 4: Your Power with Prayer- The key to living your life of purpose in peace and prosperity
  • Videos
  • Worksheets for each Module
  • Access to a closed Facebook Group with others who are on this journey with you.
  • One Live Q &A session with Nicole Robinson


All of this for the low price of $77!  



1-on-1 Coaching Offerings (VIP Day)


Do you absorb information better when you work 1-on-1?  Does the more personalized approach work better for you because you NEED accountability and a customized plan? I got you covered!  For one entire business day, you can work with me on allowing your purpose to fuel your business. There are four VIP Day options.


  • Launch Your Dream Life: This is for YOU if have a deep desire to change your life and find your purpose but you have NO idea where to all feels like way too much. This is NOT for you if you are not ready to walk in your purpose but if you are ready, let me guide and support you 1-on-1.  This is my favorite program because it sets a firm foundation to monetize your purpose.


  • Launch Your Dream Business:  This is for YOU if you are already clear on your purpose and are ready to start your own business but are not sure where to start. You and I will work together to create a 90 day action plan that you can implement immediately following the VIP day. I will share my 5-step, proven-strategy to create your business.


  • Re-launch Your Dream Business: This VIP day is for YOU if you already own a business but are not seeing the prosperity that you desire. You and I will work together to diagnosis the issues in your current business and create a game plan to overcome the hurdles. I do not condone a “do-more-to-get-more method.” I use solid principles that have helped me take my company from a local level to a national level during a recession. Would you like to recession-proof your business? I’ll let you in on a little secret–money is rarely the issue. Entrepreneurs have not learned how to consistently implement the principles of prosperity in their business.  Let me share those principles of prosperity with you.  Sound good?







Group Coaching


  • The Bosses’ Table: Are you a business owner who just isn’t seeing the growth you desire? Are you looking for direction, clarity, and guidance? Look no further! The Bosses’ Table is an exclusive program for women who are already existing business owners with a desire to grow. I prefer to create a more intimate setting so I only accept a handful of women into the program, so the competition is high! In this virtual program, I work closely with each entrepreneur to identify ways to can scale your existing business and super-charge your brand.  I only accept women who are motivated, driven, and willing to do what it takes to grow. I am a results-oriented person, so I am only looking for women who will settle for nothing less than their dreams. Does this sound like you?  


As part of The Bosses’ Table, you’ll have access to my winning formula by way of:


-Onboarding call with me to discuss your individual business


-Weekly Group Coaching Calls


-Access to my Private Facebook Group with me and other like-minded women


-One Live workshop day with the entire group




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