• We believe that no part of life is too big or small for purpose. Whether you’re at home watching TV, driving to pick the kids up from school, or entering the biggest meeting of your life, you can approach all of these moments with purpose.
  • We believe that it’s by no accident that you have found yourself where you are in life. Your skills and your purpose are unique to you alone. Nobody does “you” better than YOU.
  • We believe that understanding your purpose in life is the prerequisite for prosperity and a sustainable business.
  • We believe that purpose speaks all languages. Anyone can uncover their purpose if they are open and willing to learn more about themselves.
  • We believe that you do NOT have to create your purpose.  It is already within you.

The Divine Purpose School embodies this philosophy, constantly working to create the most successful and peaceful life you can imagine. If you aren’t living with purpose, you truly don’t know how much life you’re missing out on and how much God has in store for you – a life of incredible abundance!



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