The Purpose Gathering: A Day Retreat To Discover What You Are Meant To Do In The World

Join us for one life-changing day.

Find Your Purpose, Prosperity, and Peace!

Divine Purpose Breakthrough Workshops are for both newcomers and those well-versed in the search for living with purpose. For anyone looking for spiritual clarity and answers to questions like –

“Am I doing the right thing?”
“Why am I here?”
“What am I supposed to do with my life?”

This retreat is about you discovering why you’re here. what you were born to do? Your mission. What you’re supposed to be doing. And how unlocking that mission will create extraordinary peace and prosperity in your life.

This is about you gaining extraordinary clarity, losing the excuses, getting unstuck, and stepping into the dream in your heart.

What is it:
A live 4 hour in-person workshop that will walk you through the learning process of how you can discover your purpose and start to live your life with that purpose.

What you will learn:
What your purpose is.
Why your gift is a gift for the world.
How your gift brings you extraordinary happiness, peace, and joy.
How your gift is tied to profit and prosperity.
How purpose creates your legacy.

Who is this for:
People who are serious about digging into their life’s purpose, new and old travelers on the quest to understand their Divine Purpose, and anyone who is looking for genuine guidance for their life and career.

Who is this not for:
Nobody; this program is useful for everyone.

How long is it:
4 hours (live)

Location & Pricing:

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