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Wondering what it would be like to hear Nicole speak?

Don’t take it from us.

We asked crowd members and here is what they had to say!


After hearing Nicole’s message, I feel …

“very inspired, motivated, and empowered to follow my dreams.”

“like I can do anything that I put my mind to.”

“like Nicole cares!”

“like I need to plan more and like I need to speak up more.”

“encouraged and empowered!”

“like I can overcome and like I am headed in the right direction for a better future.”

“cleansed by hearing Nicole’s truth.”

“great about my goals and my plans! I feel motivated to start my own business!”

“like it can happen for me too.”

The part of Nicole’s message that inspired me the most was….

“how life can have obstacles but we have to deal with them and move forward.”

“her authenticity and when she spoke about giving to others.”

“that to find what I am good at, I must try things and then build the courage to accomplish my dreams.”

“how she started her company with $200.”

“the part about letting go of the past.”


“the encouragement to do a vision board.”

“when she talked about long term and short term goals.”

“hearing what she went through to get to where she is today.”

I would describe Nicole’s delivery as…


“truthful and raw!”



“straightforward, very honest, amazing, precise and very motivational!”

“all I needed to hear this day.”

“positive, calm, clearly-stated, and honest.”

“I felt like she was speaking directly to me!”

“direct, very helpful, down to earth, powerful, and no sugar-coating!”

My biggest takeaway was….

“life doesn’t have to be a struggle always.”

“you have to find a way in life.”

“stop focusing on the negative and believe in yourself.”

“that I need to find myself,open up, and do a vision board.”

“if you want it, go for it!”

“nobody can live the dream but us.”

“that school is not the final step.”

“that I need to have a healthy positive outlook beyond the classroom.”

“that I need to seek spiritual guidance and set higher standards for myself.”

“her points about growth, shedding layers,and taking off the mask.”

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